The Seven Types of Intelligence

The Seven Types of Intelligence

1983, in a publication called “Frames of Mind”, Psychologist Howard Gardner (pictured below) created seven types of individual strengths to help teachers and students understand the strengths of individuals that span the entire spectrum. They are listed here with respect to gifted or talented children:

1. Verbal –
the ability to use words

2. Visual – the ability to imagine things in your mind

3. Physical – the ability to use your body in various situations

4. Musical – the ability to use and understand music

5. Mathematical – the ability to apply logic to systems and numbers

6. Introspective – the ability to understand your inner thoughts

7. Interpersonal – the ability to understand other people, and relate well to them

In other sources, there may be nine different types of intelligence. The other two that are not included on the list above are:

Naturalist Intelligence (“Nature Smart”) –
Sensitive to living things. Gardner added this to his original list of seven years later).

Existential Intelligence – the ability to tackle deep questions about human existence such as the meaning of life, how did we get here, and what happens when we die.


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