You cannot show respect to someone unless you are able to appreciate them…


You cannot show respect to someone unless you are able to truly and humbly appreciate them.


It is easy to find perfection in meditation if the object of your meditation is your Beloved.

No More Sense Gratification

When Nityananda accepts us as His, then there is no more sense gratification.


In bhakti, we depend on Krishna’s strength, not our own.


The mind rules non-devotees; Devotees rule the mind.

Crying in Vrndavana

If you are living in someone’s house and crying, they are bound to ask you what is wrong. So Vrndavana is Radharani’s land and if you cry sincerely, She is sure to reciprocate sooner or later.


Just meditating on Gaura lila in the mind will purify us so much, because there is no question of committing offences.

Movement of Tongue

One’s tongue moves according to the fixation of his mind. Always think of Krishna, then you can’t help but speak of your beloved Lord.

Krishna Consciousness

The pursuit of Krishna Consciousness itself is so joyful, imagine how much bliss one will experience on attaining the goal!


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