God made Everything Perfect

City life with its noise, pollution, crime and poverty could be seen as the result of man’s denial of God’s perfectly balanced paradise in the country.

By God’s various potencies many wonderful phenomena occur, such as a spider weaving a web, a humming bird flying backwards or a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. His artistic ability can be seen in the form of beautiful birds, like the parrot, peacock or flamingo. Also, He has many practical energies at work. Trees breathe fresh air into the world, freely give fruit, shade and shelter. They even give their own bodies for fuel. Rains nourish the soil and provide clean water to drink. The sun gives heat and ripens fruits while at night the moon’s cooling rays give flavour to vegetables.

The cow is sacred and very dear to Krishna. In India she is respected like a mother. From just eating grass and water, she peacefully produces milk; giving us cream, butter, ghee, cheese and yoghurt. Using these ingredients, we can prepare delicious meals without harming animals.

The Vedas, like other holy books, advise us to look after the resources of nature. They recommend ahimsa (non-violence) and warn us of the consequences of wastage, pollution and cutting down forests. The Earth belongs to God and can provide abundantly for everyone. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for their greed."

As humans, therefore, we can enjoy nature’s gifts, given for our health and happiness.

Cows give their milk, bees give their honey and maybe one day soon we won’t rely on money. Self-sufficiency will become our reality.

Readers Appreciation
Thanks for last weeks story "A Bunble of Sticks". It will help me with an assembly to launch our celebrate RE month in March. As teachers we are always telling our children to work together, this image is a good representation within a religious context.
Claire Nolan from Weston super mare UK

Hare Krishna!
Dhirasanta dasa

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